Second Edition

International Embryological Terminology


The Federative International Programme for Anatomical Terminology
A programme of the International Federation of Associations of Anatomists (IFAA)

Bibliographic Reference Citation:
FIPAT. Terminologia Embryologica. 2nd ed.  Federative International Programme for Anatomical Terminology,  February 2017

Published pending approval by the General Assembly at the next Congress of IFAA (2019)

Creative Commons License:
The publication of Terminologia Embryologica is under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (CC BY-ND 4.0) license

The individual terms in this terminology are within the public domain.  Statements about terms being part of this international standard terminology should use the above bibliographic reference to cite this terminology.  The unaltered PDF files of this terminology may be freely copied and distributed by users.  IFAA member societies are authorized to publish translations of this terminology.  Authors of other works that might be considered derivative should write to the Chair of FIPAT for permission to publish a derivative work.



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  • Preface
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  • Contents
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Part 1

  • Ch. 1 Nomina generalia
  • Ch. 2 Embryogenesis
  • Ch. 3 Ontogenesis
  • Ch. 4 Histogenesis generalis

Part 2 – Ch. 5 Organogenesis

  • Systema skeletale
  • Systema musculare
  • Facies
  • Systema digestorium

Part 3 – Organogenesis (continued)

  • Systema respiratorium
  • Systema urinarium
  • Systemata genitalia
  • Coeloma et septa
  • Glandulae endocrinae
  • Systema cardiovasculare
  • Systema lymphoideum

Part 4

  • Organogenesis (cont.): Systema nervosum, Organa sensuum, Integumentum commune
  • Ch. 6 Adnexa embryonica et fetalia

Part 5

  • Ch. 7 Notatio temporum ontologicorum
  • Ch. 8 Nomina dysmorphica